Hello! First post in 2017!
Happy New Year!

Before I close my 2016, I really wanted to post something unusual for my blog, and the journalist soul inside me still firing up ready to take the whole of me over, whispered to me, why don’t you interview someone you adore? A Japanese! YouTuber! Someone who always do great song covers.

And that Japanese awesome YouTuber is called Yamashita Ayumu. If you follow some J-song covers channels on YouTube, I bet you’re familiar with his name. He is a super nice guy who said yes to this weird Indonesian girl who suddenly sent him a mail asking for an interview.

No? Not familiar?
Then, it’s my role to introduce him to you!

Before we jump to the interview, short introduction!
Yamashita Ayumu (but let’s call him Ayumu) is a Japanese singer-songwriter who was born in Tottori prefecture in Japan, and mainly share his activities on music in social networks.

And maybe you should listen to one of his covers to know him a little bit before we started.

Here you go!

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