Mitla Taslima

Graduated from Japanese Studies major in University of Indonesia.

Sagittarius, was born in 20 December 1993.

Addicted to:

  • green. You’ll never see me without any green things on me. Friends even call me Midori-chan!
  • rainbow
  • coffee
  • Indomie
  • KFC’s chicken wing

Likes some cheesy stuffs such as;

  • ballad
  • novel and fictions (especially the angst one; if it’s not fantasy or sci-fic)
  • dramas and movies

Also likes some actors and bands! Let me introduce them :3

  • Ayano Go
  • Suda Masaki
  • Sato Takeru
  • flumpool, a stupid 4-members band from Osaka.
  • WEAVER, 3-members piano band from Kobe.
  • Eric Chou, Taiwanese singer/songwriter.
  • Johnny’s Kansai groups: Kanjani8, Johnny’s WEST, and Kansai Johnny’s Junior.

To know me more, you can mail me to admin@mitla.net.