I don’t know.

I honestly still don’t understand.

Why people (around me) still disrespecting homosexual-related topic.

This is related to my previous “Gay, gay, gay.” post.

Some days ago, I went out with a friend and somehow we reached the topic where I showed him my blog posts. And he read the gay title.

“I don’t know you like gays.”

I don’t mind the words but I do mind his expression.. and intonation. It was like, “Ew. I don’t know you like gays.”

And that was not the first time someone said that to me.

Actually, that post is not about my liking towards gay. It was about things I liked recently had a gay-theme on them.

But, what if I do like gay? What’s wrong with that?

Not like as in obsessed type, but like as in adore. And my adore to these some gay-kind-of-love-stories because they are more pure, and genuine, and they really fight for the feeling–something I never got from hetero-relationship. I won’t lie I did find some which makes me kinda ew too, sometimes, though.

Well, okay if homosexual is not your thing, but please don’t judge verbally.

I myself judge things too. Judge hard. But I never say it.

That’s what I call respect.

And here I am shamelessly attached Naoto/Yuma photo just because I can. (◕‿◕✿)


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